Covid-19 Protocols

As a food processing business, we are used to rigorous cleaning, sanitation, hygiene practices and monitoring. We continue to maintain good cleaning and sanitation practices throughout our business.

Extra precautionary measures we are taking include stepping up protocols to include extra hand washing and practicing social distancing. Common contact surfaces and shared amenities, such as door & cooler handles, light switches, taps & sinks etc. are wiped down.

Goods are shipped by courier. Couriers have advised, while they are doing their best, there may be slight delays delivering packages in some areas and they are not always requiring signatures upon delivery.

Any deliveries we do in person are “no contact”, meaning we will either telephone your provided contact number, knock and step back 2 meters or place in a pre-arranged safe area either determined by you or as we see best fit. For all in person deliveries we continue to maintain physical distance.