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maximillien and company specialty foods

Packaging Options

We have a variety of packaging options to choose from. If you have a something special in mind that you don't see here, give us a call. Perhaps we can source the perfect container for your product.
cellophane bags

Assorted Cellophane Clear Bags

The cellophane bags come in an array of lengths from 5", 5.5", 6", 7", 8". They can be filled and sealed with a hang tag label, crimped and labelled to choice.

tube bags

vellum bags

Tube and Vellum Bags

The tube is a clear cellophane 9 1/2 inch bag.

The Vellum bags give a sophisticated look, the slightly opaque surface shows off a hint of the colors and textures inside. We finish them off with a colourful ribbon specially selected to match the contents or label.


We can crimp and/or tie your bags.

hex jars

snack food jars


Jars make a great keepsake for your customers.

Our Hex jars make great display when stacked on their side and are available in 4 oz and 6.5 oz sizes.

The Old Fashioned jars have a metal “clip top”, allowing them to be filled again and again. They make a great spice jar when empty.

The Circular Short jar 250 ml capacity, that comes with a black or gold lid.

All jars come with a clear collar to protect from tampering and seals in freshness.


tins peepermints


We have three sizes of metal tins, a smaller Peppermint Tin and a 5” Cylinder size. Both tins look beautiful with a custom label. Our team can create one for you featuring your logo or you can use one of our Maximillien brand labels.

The Paint Can looks great and is a unique way to present your product.

boxs of chocolate bars

striped boxes of candies


Our tall “petal” box has become a favorite with our customers. The clear plastic sides entice your customers by showing off the contents of the box.

The Stripe box with cut out window creates a fun and playful presentation.